Saturday, 16 January 2016

Blustery days

This month there were a lot of very blustery days which caused some (fortunately not many) branches and trees to snap and to come down over footpaths and bridleways. In these circumstances we follow our severe weather policy. This requires us to monitor the Met Office weather reports and when wind speeds are expected to gust at, or over 50 mph, we take the decision to erect warning signs at the main access points on the estate. This is because public rights of way cannot be legally closed and there are several permissive paths which run across Wenlock Edge that would be impractical and unenforceable to restrict access to. The signage is erected at the car parks at Much Wenlock, Presthope and Wilderhope as well as at Easthope Halt and Blakeway Hollow to warn visitors of expected high winds or severe weather.

The removal of the warning signage will take place after the cessation of the severe weather and following a post storm inspection. Any trees requiring attention will be reported to the Area Ranger and any necessary remedial work identified, will then be carried out as soon as safely possible. So once the wind had passed that is exactly what we did, we surveyed the site looking for damage and responded to reports from local people and visitors to make sure that our rights of ways were accessible.

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