Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Volunteer Days at Longville Coppice Bank

The last three Tuesdays have been spent with the volunteers John, Julian and Dick, cutting vegetation from behind a hedge at Longville bank. The hedge runs along the Stretton road and was being shaded out by small trees and overhanging branches which could lead to loss of biodiversity.

Hedges are very important to maintain as they provide habitat protection and are a different type of habitat to woodlands, which is good for hedgehogs and other bird species. They improve connectivity of habitats, buffer against the road, provide fruit and berries and are aesthetically pleasing.

The roaring fire!

Volunteers John, Julian and Dick hard at work

This was a very overgrown site with overhanging branches and small trees blocking light from the hedge. A large area of clearing was carried out which allowed more light in and all the brash was burnt, which kept us all very warm on a beautiful, but cold day.
This site has been finished now and you can really appreciate the difference made from clearing back the brash; which is very satisfying for us as rangers and for the volunteers.

Before all the work began!

A beautifully cleared, brash-free area

Enjoying the stunning views whilst working

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