Monday, 28 March 2016

Plotting viewpoints, archaeology monitoring and clearing Pudding Bag meadow

Recently, with help from volunteer Charlotte Huntley, we have been plotting the viewpoints along the Edge. We plotted the viewpoints on the map and using the GPS and took pictures with a camera. This was a pleasant task as both days were lovely weather, where we walked and got to enjoy the views. We will hopefully be out again to plot further viewpoints soon.
We have been carrying out further archaeology monitoring along the Edge, this time around Presthope and Wilderhope. This involves finding archaeological features on the map such as lime kilns and charcoal heaths, ensuring that they have been marked in the correct place, rating their condition, and then assessing the priority of any action necessary for them. Both days were extremely successful and more will be carried out next Winter.

Map reading
In search of a charcoal hearth

We have also been working at Wilderhope in the Pudding Bag meadow. We were clearing back the rough vegetation before the wild flowers start to spring up. Half of the meadow had been cleared with the mower last year but this section had to be done using the brushcutter, loppers and rakes, as within this section there are a large amount of Yellow Meadow ant hills which would have been destroyed by the mower. The Yellow Meadow ant is a species which prefers undisturbed ground and lives primarily underground in meadows and is good for the grass in many ways. Alistair was also felling some trees surrounding the meadow to let more light into the meadow and to stop shading out.

Using the brushcutter and rakes to clear the vegetation
Alistair's impressive tree felling

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