Monday, 11 April 2016

Shelter Building Event

Last Friday was our shelter building event at Wenlock Edge; considering the forecast suggested it was going to be a miserable day, we were delighted that we had a downpour-free day. There were three activities for children to get involved in during the day - shelter building, making a flag and making a hat!

The aim of the day was for the children to get hands-on with nature and get involved in making some spectacular dens - indeed, some of them looked like the children wanted to move in for good!
The flag and hat making went down a treat; the children explored the woods for twigs, leaves and flowers and then decorated their flags and hats with what they found, including plenty wild garlic!
There was an array of different sizes and styles of dens. Some in a teepee/wigwam style, others like a more traditional tent. Some found brash and leaves to cover their shelter as a roof; the rangers were on hand for assistance with lopping sticks and cutting with a bow saw. Many of the families made use of their den by eating their lunch in it, which was lovely to see!
Overall it was a great day and we’re looking forward to the next shelter building event, which will be run on the 28th July.

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