Saturday, 30 April 2016

Wild garlic and spring flowers

This month the wild garlic shot out of the ground and covered vast areas as far as the eye can see in Blakeway coppice. While the leaves were still small we were out filling our bags and delivering it to the tearoom at Carding Mill Valley where it was made into delicious garlic pesto.

You can use it to make all sorts of delicious treats; soup, garlic bread, garlic butter and much more! Now we are looking forward to the fantastic spectacle when it all flowers in a month or so. 

Wenlock Edge is a beautiful place to be in Spring; everything is coming to life, buds are bursting and flowers of all colours are popping up fast. Wood anemone and primrose flowers can be found throughout Blakeway coppice and a swathe of bluebells are just below Presthope car park. The best place to see cowslips at the moment is in Ippikin’s meadow and in a meadow just behind Wilderhope Manor. 


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