Sunday, 22 May 2016

Wild Food Foraging Event

Last Sunday, we were wild food foraging around Wilderhope Manor. The day started by talking over the main rules of foraging; we then set out with our baskets and pots and began foraging a variety of fresh leaves and flowers, pointing out those which are edible and those that are inedible, what they can be used in, what time of year they are available and how to process them.

The food we collected throughout the course of the morning was to be processed later ready for the lunch time meal. Most of the foraged plants had been collected the day before and the food made in advance of the event to save time, except for the side salad which we made using plants picked that day.

There was an array of tasters to partake in, such as wild foraged salad (including violets, cleavers, pink purslane, beech leaves, ribwort plantain, primroses, garlic mustard and hawthorn leaves), wild garlic and nettle soup, dandelion fritters using the dandelion heads we had picked, wood sorrel cheesecake, bilberry and gooseberry jam on bread, damson vodka, sloe gin, sweet woodruff tea and sloe gin chocolates, all of which seemed to go down a treat!

Everyone also took a recipe sheet home with some of the dishes served on the day as well as some others to experiment with!

We are also pleased to say we have another wild food foraging event on the 5th June because of the success of this one.

A few pictures below of the happy foragers!

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