Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Wild Woods Adventure Trail (Summer Version)

On Sunday it was our Wild Woods Adventure Trail event. Despite the not so great weather forecast, a number of families came out to search for clues and answer questions along the trail! Some of the activities along the way involved making a mobile with sticks, leaves and string, and stick men, as well as bird spotting in the bird hide with one of our volunteers!

Making mobiles!

Going through the answers!
On finishing the trail we had a touch display on our stand with various objects related to Wenlock, as well as activity sheets for children to take home and an array of posters/pictures to have a look at.

Looking at the touch display and trying to identify objects!

Showing off their beautiful mobiles

A great day was seemed to be enjoyed by those who got turned out, with participants receiving a prize at the end!

All getting involved in making the mobiles

Looking at the nibbled nuts!

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