Thursday, 7 July 2016

National Meadows Day!

National Meadows Day was on 2nd July and to celebrate this we decided to provide a wild flower training day for our Wenlock Edge volunteers in our very own meadows!

Rob our wild flower expert for the day teaching us everything we need to know!

Rob Webster came along to lead the day for us and teach us everything we need to know about wild flowers.

We began on the verge outside the Much Wenlock car park where even in that small space there was an astonishing array of beautiful flowering pyramidal orchids and southern marsh orchids in amongst all the bright pink clovers.

Examining the wild flowers

We then moved into the meadow in the Much Wenlock car park to see what flowering plants we could try and identify and then finally finished up in Ballstone Quarry (both meadows with our lovely flock of Hebridean sheep in); and it was there we spotted a stunning viper's bugloss (which was a spectacle to see) and wild thyme!

Scattered across the meadows and reading our wild flower books

Viper's bugloss

We learnt to identify many of the flowering plants that thrive in the limestone grasslands on the Edge including; pyramidal orchids, common spotted orchids, eyebright, devil's bit scabious, agrimony, birds foot trefoil and many more.

Engrossed in identifying the wild flowers

After a lovely day exploring the meadows in the sun! 

The weather was glorious so we even had the pleasure of spotting about 14 ringlet butterflies, a small blue, 4 meadow browns, a common blue and a gorgeous large skipper.

The large skipper sunning itself on a devil's bit scabious

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