Tuesday, 9 August 2016

A welcome new visitor in Ippikin’s meadow

In July we spent a few days doing our annual ragwort pick in Ippikin's meadow. We pick ragwort because we can't have it in our hay crop as it is poisonous to animals such as horses and can also take over a meadow. When we were picking ragwort, Ippikin’s was filled with the colours of purple vetch, ladies bedstraw, devil’s bit scabious and more. I also had the pleasure of watching lots of ringlet, meadow brown butterflies and a little skipper fluttering around but I was surprised to see 4 marbled white butterflies, as we have never seen them on Wenlock Edge before!

This beautiful butterfly is unmistakable; its black and white markings distinguish it from all other species in Britain. They are abundant in the south of England and recently have extended their range and made their way to us. Adults emerge late June and fly through
till August. After discovering them I sent my volunteers on a mission: to catch on camera the stunning invertebrates. Look on our Facebook for all the photos.

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