Sunday, 25 September 2016

Woodland walk volunteer training day

Last Wednesday we had a volunteer training day called ‘woodland walk’ led by Area Ranger Alistair. We organise a training day every other month so that our volunteers can mingle and gain more knowledge about the property. The woodland walk gave our volunteers an overview of the property, its past and our management. Twelve volunteers joined us as we explored the north end of the edge.

  Alistair had a lot to fit in; he talked about how the Trust acquired the land, archaeology, geology, our species-rich meadows, coppicing, dormice, other flora and fauna found here, woodland management, future threats, timber sales, managing for access and our 50 year vision. Everyone seemed to enjoy the day and we hope it has given them a broader perspective of the site as a whole.

The day started slightly hazy with cloud sitting on the edge but brightened up later, becoming warm enough for us to spot speckles woods, red admirals and this comma butterfly.

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