Wednesday, 4 January 2017

First Tuesday of the 2017

Viewpoint Before
For the volunteer's first Tuesday of the year we started clearing one of our overgrown viewpoints near to the Presthope car park (Follow the easy access Presthope walk to find it). Lots of Ash and other saplings had grown up in-front of the pathway hiding the lovely view of Park wood, Lodge hill, and a bit of the Lawley.
Equipped with loppers, bow saws and a chainsaw we removed the vegetation from the lower slope and burnt the brash and twigs.
The photo really shows how much of a slope we usually have to work on but it's best for viewpoints to be at the top of steep slopes as less vegetation has to be removed.

Unfortunately we ran out of time but hope to continue this job at some point in the near future, with a photo to be taken of the view after the work as been done to show the difference.

Our volunteers hard at work

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