Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Ippikin’s rock

(Photo credit: Ian Ramsden)

Now that many of the leaves have fallen off the trees it is the best time to visit some of the viewpoints on Wenlock Edge. One of my personal favourites is the stunning panoramic view from Ippikin’s rock that looks out across the Shropshire countryside and at the Stretton hills. This rock is a limestone outcrop of about 15 metres.

This rocky outcrop gets its name from the legend of Ippikin; a cruel and merciless highwayman. Ippikin was an evil man, with dark hair, dark eyes and a dark heart and was known for his foul looks and a long vicious chin protruding from his face. Him and his band of robbers would hold up carriages travelling over Wenlock Edge and would store all their stolen loot in a cave at the base of the cliff that now has his name. Ippikin and his gang seemed to be unstoppable... until nature stepped in.
One night a huge storm hit the edge; rain poured and the wind howled, trees snapped and lightning struck the rock above the cave where the thieves were sheltering. The rock collapsed sealing the entrance of the cave and Ippikin and his men were trapped inside. Legend has it that if you stand on the top of Ippikin’s rock and dare to mock him by saying “Ippikin, Ippikin keep away with your long chin” his ghostly apparition will appear and throw you off the edge.
You can access Ippikin’s rock by parking at the top of Ippikin’s meadow, walking down to the right hand corner and through a kissing gate or you can park at Presthope car park and walk, south-west through the wood, along the old railway.

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  1. Poor old Ippikin didn't have a gun in the twelve hundreds. Luckily he regenerates every 70 years so had to wait 400 years to get his hand on a gun and a coach to rob. Nowdays he is after a missile capable of attacking a coach in New York. Sic!