Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Storm Doris

On the 23rd of February storm Doris hit Shropshire. The biggest gusts were 68mph which is more than we have had for years. We adhered to our high winds policy which includes putting out warning notices at various access points to the property to advise visitors not to enter the woodland during the severe weather. We also took to Facebook to warn people as well.

Fortunately, we only lost two trees on minor roads, which we promptly cleared away. These were perfectly healthy trees; their failure was due to them being completely uprooted by the sheer strength of the winds. 
The week after the storm we will be searching Wenlock Edge checking for any more damage and potentially hazardous situations such as hanging branches, leaning trees and fallen trees over the tracks. Just like with dead trees, any damaged trees close to the paths are a health and safety concern, but trees fallen in the middle of the woods are usually left to provide habitat for fungi, lichens, invertebrates, mosses and birds.

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