Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Signs of Spring

Early Purple Orchid
Right now the woods look wonderful because everything is starting to wake up and many things are starting to think about flowering - if they aren’t already. Some of the first flowers to come up in the woods are early purple orchids and we have spotted their distinctive spotted leaves showing in good numbers in Longville Coppice and on Harley bank. In Blakeway Coppice the wild garlic is bursting out of the ground, it smells delicious and you could already easily and quickly collect plenty of the young leaves for cooking. White wood anemone flowers are out and open up wide on a sunny day: they are said to look like a galaxy of stars on the forest floor and are scattered throughout the woods at Wenlock. At the woodland edge common dog violets are out in force and will continue to flower through to June. In our meadows, particularly Ippikin’s meadow and in the fields bordering Longville Coppice behind Wilderhope Manor, we are expecting to see a good display of cowslips anytime now.

Left: Wild Garlic
Middle: Wood Anemone

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