Sunday, 30 April 2017

Monitoring in April

April has been a busy month for our volunteers! Many of our monitoring projects have started this month, some of our projects are long standing (dormouse box checks has been running for 17 years) and some are brand new for this year (bat survey). There is something going on throughout the year but the monitoring season really kicks off this month because everything is starting to emerge, nesting, breeding, flowering and/or seeding. Surveys like the butterfly transects and small mammal trapping started last year so we are hoping the repeated surveys this year will come up with some interesting data trends. The data collected from these surveys helps us to identify range, condition and population health of our wildlife and habitats which inputs into our future property management.
Not all of these projects would be possible without the help of our wonderful volunteers – thank you all. We welcome more volunteer assistance with some of these projects, if you are interested in finding out more contact Kate at:

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