Sunday, 12 November 2017

Halloween at Wenlock Edge

At Wenlock Edge we really get into celebrating Halloween. This is because the Edge is surrounded by myths and legends so Halloween gives us the perfect opportunity to tell people about the spooky side of our spirit of place.

Activities started on Saturday 28th October with a jam-packed day starting with decorating the woods near Presthope and Much Wenlock with cobwebs, fake blood, bats, spiders and more. In the afternoon we had our children’s event which was the most successful it has ever been. Children created little wooden bats before helping a downtrodden witch to rebuild and decorate her home. Then as a group we went exploring the woods at Presthope, listening to stories told by a cast of ghostly characters and last but not least we had our fancy dress competition and handed out ghoulish goody bags.

Later that evening, and again on the evening of Sunday 29th, as the woods went dark, we held our All Hallows Eve walks. These events were not recommended for children under 10 years old as attendees enter the haunted wood of Smokey Hole only if they dare. Walking through the woods at night means every snap of a twig and crunch of leaves makes you feel like you are being watched... and you are! We had an amazing group of terrifying monsters and ghouls to make our visitors jump out of their skins around every corner and some fantastic storytellers to tell the legends and tales in all their gory detail.

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